About Us

Pixbyte is a team of two Interaction Designers!

Our mission is to solve business problems and highlight the importance of user experience, web accessibility and interactivity

We're here to create a welcoming online environment and satisfying experiences for everyone ✨ Our solutions are simple, customized, interactive and always take accessibility in mind to improve your brand. For the bloggers, artists, photographers, online sellers and small businesses. We want to help you


Claudia Zingone

Hi, I’d like to introduce myself. I’m an Interaction Designer who is looking to help others in building their online presence. My background is in Fine Arts, UX/UI and Graphic Design.

I have work experience in both interaction and graphic design. I have also taken part in provincial and National competitive design compilations. Out of these competitions I have ranked in one.

I spend my time learning familiarizing myself with the newest software.

Feel free to reach out and contact us for any inquires about design and design projects.


Risi Zani

Hi there! I'm a interaction designer, reliant on my passion for technology, problem solving, creating and storytelling. Using real experiences and observation to create.

Experienced in graphic & web design. I've taken part of provincial & national competitive design and have been awarded twice.

On my free time, I'm a creative writer, gamer, 3D modeler and digital painter.

Looking forward to new exciting projects to resolve your business problems!